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lax 2×02

Posted on: 07/19/2009

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Lax is moving right along with the second episode of the second season. Thought since I have this blog I’d say a few words about it instead of simply posting the video. After being seen but not really heard last week, this episode revolves around Cole and Laurel. It’s a new thing I’m trying where I try to lighten the load storywise in some episodes to focus only on a few characters so I can tell more story. Cole and Laurel as a relationship started in the movie, but this episode really deals with them as separate entities and how who they are brings lots of emotional baggage to their relationship.

Laurel has a new job, (I hope to show the show on a later episode btw) and she immediately tries to get everything she had before. And it just isn’t possible. She can’t juggle fame, living on her own, and a boyfriend all at once. The party of course juxtaposed with Cole’s relatively tame evening showcased that. Laurel pushed her limits just a little too far. I had a lot of fun with the party scene. I may have overused that new prop hack by Decorgal a bit, but it’s such a great hack, and that was the first time I used it. The lot I used for the house was great for filming, but I wouldn’t want a sim to live there. It’s arranged so oddly. You have to go outside to get to the bathroom.Cole on the other hand is in school so he can have a career in film behind the camera. He’s trying to find inspiration when it’s staring him in the face what his topic should be. I also wanted to put him scenes with Aimee to show how despite that happened when they were dating, they can be friends. But neither one of them is really over it as the last scene in Jack’s kitchen illustrates. Cole broke up with her for a reason, and that’s why he’s so game for being friends with benefits with Laurel. To him is a much easier alternative to whatever he and Aimee had.

Also in this episode I brought Patrick back, who suffered from me editing out a lot of his scenes in the movie. Not only did I want to explain what happened with him and Daisy, having photographer as a recurring character just seemed like a good fit. He’ll continue to pop up here and there, much like Jules’ work friend does. Plus it gave me an excuse to stage a photo shoot for all the photos in his studio.

This episode set up a lot for the next episode, which is about Aimee’s birthday, among other things. I hope to have it out in a month or so. I’m in pre-production right now, building sets, dressing extras, etc.

So I guess that’s it. Congrats if you made it this far.


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