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Shamone: Random Tees

Posted on: 07/16/2009

I’m not sure of the exact spelling of that word, if you can even call it a word, but it’s cool title. Anyway, I’ve been wracking my brain for something commemorative of Micheal Jackson to make. I remember sitting home all weekend to watch Michael Jackson weekend on VH1 back in the day. But I don’t like wearing/making stuff with dead people’s faces on it. I find it kind of creepy. And then Threadless decided to re-release its Beat It tee, and it seemed perfect. As for “Joss Whedon is smarter than you,” it was all my idea! Well, not really. The slogan is inspired by a quote from this Veronica Mars episode, but I used it in a different way. I typed it out and made it look pretty with a bump map at least.

More pictures: 01 (bigger version of picture above), 02 (close up of designs)

Textures by aikea guinea. Files compressorized.

DOWNLOAD beat it tee
DOWNLOAD joss tee


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