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Let’s Go to the Mall: Totally 80’s Part I

Posted on: 06/17/2009

Come on Jessica, come on Torry…Wait, where was I? Despite being a toddler in the 80’s, I am lately strangely obsessed. So far there are two outfits and some accessories I’m going to post. This first one, inspired by Tiffany and her mall tours and Robin Sparkles (Don’t know who that is? Let the video below blow your mind.) is acid washed, pink and casual. Now I didn’t make everything in the photo below. My plan was to create looks that included stuff I made with direct links to everything else to create complete looks. And I mean direct. Don’t you hate when someone is all, it’s on Peggy and you have to hunt through all that crap to find it? Not happening here. /rant.

Credits: shirt \ hair

What you’ll be downloading from here is the jacket, which is an accessory, and the skirt. Meshes by generalzoi and Sentate respectively included. The sunglasses the sim is wearing can be found in the accessories post below. Caveat about the jacket mesh; it’s old and does not move too great with the sim. Elbows and such like to stick out sometimes. An alternate outfit option I like is pictured below with just the skirt. As for textures, Maxis and Sentate edited to be more 80s.

Credits: shirt \ bracelet (third on second row)

More Photos: 01, 02

Like totally compressorized and clearly labeled files you guys

The 80’s didn’t come to Canada until like ’93.


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