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How many days did I work on this? Too many. It’s still not perfect, but I have no desire to look at at that Photoshop file ever again. The whole idea was to create a vest that was fun and sparkly that’s not just painted onto the sim, so I used a great mesh by Gelydh to do it. The vest can be worn with untucked pants, and does not look good with high waisted pants. I think it’s a mesh issue ’cause the pants texture will have gaps. Anyway, texture credits go to Maxis and fanseelamb as well as a cute vest I found online. Files compressorized and mesh included.



More photos: back view

It’s late August and summer’s almost over, but here’s a swimsuit anyway. It’s more photoskinned than I usually like to do, but I worked on the pattern for the shorts a lot to make it look good in game. I like mismatched swimsuits in real life so that’s why I made it. No mesh required. Files compressorized as always.


lax 2×03

Posted on: 08/06/2009

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I’d planned an eighties themed party for Aimee for this episode for awhile, and had also planned on using covers of 80s songs as well. And then Michael Jackson died and my plans changed a little. Not much, just a little. I knew I wanted to do a fun dream sequence this episode involving Jules, and I kept changing which MJ song and what the scenario was as I filmed the episode. In the end, the beginning of the episode was the very last thing I filmed. Once I had the episode set, it just made since for me to use “Thriller.” And it was fun to put all that make up on my sims and those clothes. It was surprisingly hard to find suitable zombie wear. If anyone wants a content list for this scene, I’ll gladly write one up. It was a lot of fun to shoot too, as most of the dream sequences are. You can do whatever you want with the characters, and it doesn’t affect the story one bit. I think it ranks up there with episode five’s Spider-Man sequence as my fave one so far.

Moving to the rest of the episode, as a whole it was a lot of fun. It’s a long episode at over fifteen minutes and there are tons of sets and scenes, but it all fell together very quickly. I thought it would take me a month, and it only took two weeks. The hard part was figuring out Jules and Jack’s story. I tried to force this conflict between them at first, but it just didn’t work. So instead their love story frames the episode where a love square of sorts is forming between other characters. Aimee’s decided to move on from Cole and start dating again. Her date at the pottery place was fun, and it was a real working sims business I used, so all the extras just showed up on their own, except for the ones also making pottery. Manwhile, Jared (or JP as he’s also been called), still has feelings for her. Filming his and Daisy’s scenes were fun ’cause the sets were great and I love making up all the movies the characters appear in. Their movie doesn’t have a title yet, but I hope it comes across it’s an adventure film. I’ve been trying to show Jared can be a nice guy ever since the movie, but I’m not forgetting he can be a cad. As for Daisy, the short scene with her and Van is important, as the next episode is mostly about Van in New York. Yes, you will see the Spider-Man musical, and before the real one premieres on Broadway no less.

The party was actually more fun to put together than it was to shoot. I built the set myself as roller rinks are hard to find, and I loved dressing everyone up. Then I had to shoot it. And then I had to shoot it again. The original wall color was bright blue. It looked great in game and awful on film.  And if you put too many sims on the roller rink, it’s a hot mess. They’re all running into each other and falling, and..like I said, hot mess. I really only had one objective for this scene, well two. Number one was to show everyone having fun, and number two was to show Laurel noticing how close Aimee and Cole are. Daisy showing up was an added bonus. When I reshot it I kept all that in mind and it didn’t take that long.

The rest of the episode rolls right along from there. I thought long and hard about what Cole’s birthday present for Aimee would be. All I had to do was think about what kind of character Cole is, and the Wonder Woman poster just came to me. It’s very personal and reflects how much of a comic book guy he is. The scene also introduces Laurel’s thoughts about Cole and Aimee. I’d thought about actually showing the scene, but decided instead to have it relayed to Aimee through Cole. I wanted Aimee to confront Laurel, so it was more important for her to find out what Laurel said than to see exactly what Laurel said. As for the confrontation, Aimee’s lines changed a good four to five times before I settled on what you see in the episode. I knew it had to go back to her disagreeing with Cole that being friends with benefits with Laurel was a good idea, so there you go.

Back to the love story, I went with a sort of cheesy set up, having a picnic in a park, and then Jack tells this story about seeing snow for the first time while at rehab. Originally Jules loved snow, but it didn’t work until I changed it to Jack. You’ll see next episode what it all means.

Well, this was a long one. Sorry for rambling on. Enjoy the episode.

Another outfit that came from clothing made for lax. I wanted an outfit like the one worn by Malin Ackerman in Watchmen, but a lower budget version. Like if someone put it together out of clothes in their closet and a creative use of hot glue.

The outfit is actually a top and a bottom, and the bottom over laps the top. The top is the zippered yellow shirt and the gloves, and the black leotard and tights part is the bottom. The shirt textures are a combination of HP and Maxis textures with a dash of Fishie for the zipper. The leotard and tights are all edited Maxis textures. Meshes by Rosehage and HP are included. Files compressorized.


I always thought the shoes on these skirts by Sentate were a tad too bright for my liking. So finally I did something about it. I also edited the texture so there are no longer pockets and added some socks. There are three colors, blue, red, and grey. Got a little lazy I guess.

Close up photo , Bigger version of above photo

The skirt texture is all Sentate; the shoes and socks are Maxis textures. Both edited by me of course. Files compressorized.


Just like the title says. They’re the two posters released for this movie. Require the University poster mesh Surfing the Universe. Files compressorized.

Bigger picture


Some recolors of an Aikea Guinea mesh I always liked. All of them are black with different color (red, grey, and green) sleeves. Just a small heads up with the mesh. When your sims bend their arms, there’s clipping in the back. It’s not that noticeable.

More pictures: red hoodie, grey hoodie, back view

Textures Maxis with editing and recoloring by me. The mesh is included. Files compressorizzed.